McDonald Land

He's fed up with fast food,
Out of his mind, one mad dude
Grabbed his guns, went downtown
Mr. McDeath is coming
to track Ronald down

Now the golden arches
Are bloodstained red
Ronald is dead...
Took a bullet in the head

May I take your order please?
Can I help you sir?

McDonaldland Massacre
He came inside,
Took a seat
They didn't know
He didn't come to eat
Asked for his order,
Got a bullet instead
Ronald can't help...
Ronald is dead

May I take your order please?
Oh my god he's got a gun!
McDonaldland Massacre

Ronald is lying on the floor,
The Grimace took a bullet
Trying to run out the door
Hamburglar's brains
All over Mayor McCheese,
And he won't let you go,
Even if you say please
Quarter Pounder, Big Mac,
Fillet 'O Fish and fries...
It doesn't matter what you order,
Everybody dies

In the middle of the night,
on the blue couch in Wichita,
you reading these lyrics,
us laughing,
that was a really good night...
then for years,
trying to remember
who it was by,
telling Hilary...
'Scott would know...'

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